Monday, March 07, 2005

Thoughts on Bass Fishing Statistics

Most sports measure achievement in one way or another with a diverse variety of statistics. Bass fishing can be measured in the same way. Here are my proposed statistical categories that I think all Bass Fishing Organizations should keep and that I will keep for myself on at the BP Tourny HQ.

TLA or "Tournament Limiting Average" : Number of days with limit weighed divided by total tournament days fished.

Angler A gets 8 Limits in 10 Tournaments for a TLA of .800%

LCP or "Limit Catch Pace" or "Limit Catch Percentage" : Total Number of fish caught in the tournament season divided by the accumlation of limit X tournment days.

Angler L weighs 40 out of a possible 50 fish for a LCP of .800%.

A TLA of 1000 would equal a LCP of 1000 but one could conceive of having a poor TLA and a pretty high LCP. Say a angler gets a limit in 4 of 10 tournies for a TLA .400% yet out of the 50 fish limit total possible they weigh 43 fish for a LCP of .860%

FWA or "Fish Weighed Average" : Total Weight of fish weighed divided by number of fish weighed. I think this one is very important.

Angler F weighs 115lbs by way of 50 fish for a FWA of 2.3lbs
Angler W weighs 115lbs by way of 40 fish for a FWA of 2.87lbs.

BBP or Big Bass Percentage: Total of fish over 4lb weighed divided by total fish weighed.

Angler BP weighs 6 Toads out of 50 for a BBP of .120%

Update: Bass Parade Blog has done a post on Bass Fishing Statistics.