Saturday, October 08, 2016

Mini Bucks at Rabbit Lakes

Guy with the Lunker that Dwight Caught
9:00AM-3:00PM Rabbit Lakes
Conditions: 53-36 degrees, Alternating between Mostly Sunny to Mostly Cloudy throughout the day,  Wind out of the WNW 8-2MPH less wind towards the end.

I was asked to fish the annual Snatchers Mini Bucks Tournament by Charles Steinbauer because Nate, his usual partner, wasn't able to make it this year.  The lakes were divided into 5 holes, one for each boat. Holes 1,2,4 and 5 were in the lake and the pit was a hole #3.  We would get an hour and 10 minutes in each hole with  I drew for us to start in Hole 4, which meant we got an extra 10 minutes to fish the pit.

In Hole #4 we didn't get anything on our first two spots.  I caught a 14" keeper on our 3rd stop on a bluegill D & M Baits Piranha Swim Jig.

In Hole #5 (The northern most quarter of the lake) Chuck got 14" right away and I got a 12 incher on breen Crazy Legs Chigger Craw.  I think Chuck got another 12 incher and then got a quality 17+ fish off a dock.

Hole #1 (The farthest SW quarter of the lake) Chuck got another quality 17+ bass.  It hit like a pike and I got 13"on a Craw Tube along a reed point to cull out the smallest fish.  This is the hole the Lunker for the tournament came out of in the Slop in the far western bay.

Hole #2 I got a 13" fish culled out our other dink on the Horny Toad in the reeds.
17.15" Craw Tube brown/grn pumpkin

Hole #3 (The Pit).  I think my 17'er was the first fish we got in the Pit providing a good upgrade.  Chuck got a couple of fish that didn't help and I got 1 that didn't on the craw tube.  With about 15 minutes left I got 14" that was a small up grade.
   When we went to take off to go in, we didn't have enough juice to start the motor.  We had been having trouble with the electronics all day.  I was eventually able to get a hold of Guy who came and towed us in.
Waiting to see what Guy and Dwight brought in.
 Dwight and Guy won the tournament and got lunker.  We got 3rd.  Here are the results.

Baits I'm Thinking of for this years Tournaments

Birch Lake- Buzzbaits,  Walking Baits, Chatter Jigs, Jerkbaits, Flukes, Whopper Plopper, Gunfish 117, Horny Toad, HB Frogs, Lizards, Swim Jigs, Traps, spinnerbaits, Grass Pigs both sizes, Craw Fatty, Wake baits, Trick Worm

1 .Tatula Rod: Frog
2. Carolina Rig: Horny Toad
3. Dock Rod: Fluke/Senko
4. Xtreme: Chigger Craw/Senko
5. Avid 7Hvy: Craw Tube/Craw Fatty/Lizard
6. Mojo 7'MH: Poison/Piranha/Crank/Lipless/Topwater/Jerkbait
7. Mojo 7'4": Poison/Piranha/Crank/Lipless/Topwater
8. Crucial: Spinnerbait

South Long- Punching, Buzzbait, HT, Swim Jig, Chatter Jigs, Flukes, HB Frogs, Spooks, Gunfish 117, Trick Worm

1.  Tatula Frog++++++++++++
2. Mojo 7'4"???????????????????????
3. Avid 7 Heavy+++++++++++
4. Lamiglass???????????????????????
5. Dock+++++++++++++++++
6. Avid 6'8" Fire ????????????????????-------
7. Swim Jig LTB????????????????????
8. Mojo 7'?????????????????????????--------

1. Tatula
2. Avid 7' H
3. Xtreme 6'8"
4. Dock
5. Horny Toad
6. Lamiglass
7. Mojo Crankster
8. Spinnerbait

Fishhook Lake- Whopper Plopper, Frog, Horny Toad,
1. Tatula
2. Mojo Crankster
3. Mojo Crank
4. Avid 6'8" Armilo
5. Dock
6. Avid 7' H
7. Xtreme


1. Chigger Craw Xtreme
2. Craw Tube Avid 7 H
3. Dock
4. Mojo 7'
5. Tatula with Jig
6. Avid 6'8"
7. Swim Jig
8. Spinnerbait

Whitefish Chain
1. Craw Tube
2. Chigger Craw
3. Dock
4. Dinger
5. Mojo
6. Mojo
7. Buzzbait
8. Spinnerbait