Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bay Lake Pre-Fish

I got from 7AM to almost 5PM to fish with Roger Ubl my boater for Saturday's Bay Lake Tournament.  It was a fun day on the water as we caught a ton of fish.  The rap on Bay is that it is a peanut factory and that was pretty much the case as we didn't get a single 3lb bass.  However we did land several quality 2lb fish, which will be gold on tournament day.
I'm not really sure where the fish are in regards to the spawn.  Several of the fish were chunky, but several had raw anal fins but they were still chunky.  One thing is clear, we are gonna catch a lot of pike.  I got 32 pike to my 25 bass and Roger caught about the exact same numbers as me.  I hope the fish are as active on tournament day.