Sunday, September 25, 2005

Team Bass 2005 Tournament of Champions Sept. 24-25 2005

The Tournament of Champions lakes are kept secret until the day before the tournament, thus if you want to pre-fish you either have to hit a lot of lakes or guess. I was thinking about hitting Horseshoe and Sauk in addition to Platte/Sullivan but I didn't do either, I ended up regretting my sloth.

Saturday September 24th Sauk Lake
Conditions: It was overcast all day with a slight wind out of the south. Temps were probably in low to mid 60's.

I basically started this tournament on Sauk the way I started the tournament in August. I hit the same shoreline with a fluke. No luck. I then proceeded to hit some wood with jigs, no luck. Then some pads with the jig, no luck. Then weeds and pads, no luck except a bunch of pike on a slow rolled spinnerbait. I tried docks no luck except a couple more pike, one of which broke off a swim jig. Every once and a while I would bring out the storm swim bait trying to catch a monster. It just was not my day.

Finally in the last hour I missed a good fish 3-4lbfish and caught a 2lber. So basically my TOC was over on Day 1.

Saturday September 25th Knife Lake
Conditions: It was cloudy and cool turning into a light breeze and steady rain.

As that I was basically eliminated from the running, I was fishing for big fish. My heart was not in it. I did catch several fish including a smallie in the rice. The rain got to me so I gave up and released my fish. I went back to the car and listened to the Vikings game while waiting for the weigh in.

Last Place both days.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Team Bass Platte/Sullivan Sept.10 2005

Report Done: 5/25/06

I'm not going to report except to say that I quit early because I was so frustrated. It was windy out of the south, my trolling motor was giving me trouble and I was on nothing on my home lake. Can you say Disaster!

Update: Now that time has passed 1 fish for 2lbs 20zs for 17th Place out of 20 boats.

Next Tournament: TOC