Thursday, June 08, 2006

Pre-Fish Lobster

It was supposed to go like this:
I would check 2 spots bada bing bada bang and that would be that, I'd win the upcoming tournament. Unfortunately things didn't work out according to plan.

The Lobster Lake of June 8th 2006 is much different than the Lobster Lake of June 25th 2005. As I pulled into my hot spot of last year I immediately noticed the scum was gone, it was thick last year. I was almost in disbelief as no fish were holding in this spot. Last year I caught my limit there in 5 minutes and was able to go to the well several times throughout the day. I checked back later in the day and pike had taken up residence. I'm writing this spot off.

Things were still OK because spot #2 has the potential to be phenomenal. I made my way in to the spot and instead of bass there was carp. Beyond the carp I did get a few pick ups but I don't think it's gonna have the quantity or quality that I thought it might. What a disappointment!


I didn't do my preparation very well and was short crankbaits and plastics that would have helped me develop back up patterns and areas. The lake is more stained than it was last year and there seems to be a whole lot less weeds. Last year in my pre-fish day I caught a lot more fish and better quality than what I found today. I saw a gazillion sunfish, carp and small bass. As it stands right now I think getting 10lbs will be a challenge. Getting mentally prepared for this one is going to be a challenge.

Update: I had 11lbs-13ozs and finished 5th.