Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Fishers of Men Mille Lacs 02

This report is an old Basspastor/Annonymous post from The tournament was a huge dissappointment, except for the fact that I got back a big tackle bag that blew out of the boat. We had a great area on Mille Lacs all to ourselves yet couldn't convert it into a high finish.

On July 6th
Fishers of Men Mn Division 15boats?
Mille Lacs Partly Cly to clear SE 5-15MPH
I had prefished for this tournament on three separate occasions. All 3 days I located largemouth. Smallies With the 21" minimum and limit of 1 made a limit of largemouth the better gamble.

Size in prefishing was generally 13-16" with a couple in the 3 and 4lb range. I found them in boat channels and heavy cover area's especially if there were multiple types in an area. (reeds, bulrushes, cabbage, pads, etc.) I was fishing the S to SE side of the lake. 1-7ft of water

I was very confident going into tournament day that we would catch fish. The only question is whether we would get some bigger ones. We didn't land any. We dropped several fish. Actually it was mostly my partner as that his gear was probably not quite heavy enough.

We had a good weedless frog/ buzzbait bite in the morning. Fish were very much related to the outside edges early. Unfortunatly we did not work from outside to inside and only figured out that's where they were about the time the sun started getting higher pushing them back in.

We took a short run to some new water across the way that I had not scouted It looked good but we came up with nothing. We went back to the area that obviously was holding quite a few fish. No hits on frogs so we switched to jignpigs. Managed to cull a couple more and catch a few more that went right back. In the last hour we went despiration Smallie fishing. No luck. We proobably caught 14 to 20 fish that measured, no dinks.

I know we had 10lb's something but am still not sure of our exact place.

Scott Bonnema & Paul Newman 17.6lbs
Apparently mostly on jigs
Big Fish was 4.94
for more on this tournament see

Ps You don't have to go into as much detail. But include Lake, date, #0f boats something about conditions and what you did and placed.

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